Reasons to Train with Us?

Hypnosis Training Session at the UK Academy Scotland1.  Learn hypnosis in Scotland in a small group setting

Our class sizes are limited to no more than 8 to allow small group work, meaning that you will be given lots of individual attention, encouragement and feedback.

2.  Individual Tutorials or Supervision Sessions are Available at no Extra Cost Throughout Training

We are invested in you as a person and want you to succeed so if you need additional help we would be delighted to be of assistance.

3.  We are accredited on the National Qualification Framework

The HPD has been accredited by NCFE, a recognised Awarding Organisation, as having measurable Learning Outcomes that have been benchmarked at Level 4 using Ofquals Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) level descriptors.

After graduation practitioners will be eligible to join various organisations including the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

4.  Free Membership of the NCH While a Student

The NCH is one of the UKs leading professional bodies.  You will get free student membership for the first 18 months.  Full membership normally costs £70 per annum as of 2017.

5.  Outstanding Aftercare on Completion of the Course

Low cost supervision is available.

Access to a free monthly Peer Group (one of the longest running groups in the UK).  Where you can network with other therapists from the newly qualified to hypnotherapists who have been in profession 20 plus years.

Hypnosis Training in Scotland

6.  UK Academy is a Satellite School of the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences

The UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences is a national group of 11 training centres, so you can be sure of a secure structure with plenty of support available before, during and after your course, not just from your trainer, but also from the other trainers.

7.  Proven Successful Enduring Training School

Shaun Brookhouse who is the founder of UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences has one of the longest careers in Clinical Hypnotherapy Profession, both working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as writing leading textbooks and papers on the subject.  Shaun started the Washington School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis in 1996 which then went on to become the UK Academy of Therapeutic and Arts and Sciences which makes the UK Academy one of the longest running Hypnotherapy training providers in the UK.

8.  Learn an Integrative Approach

We don’t believe that people are all the same so why would one therapeutic approach be used for all types of people.  We teach a range of techniques based on Ericksonian Approach, Solution Focused Approach, Cognitive Behavioural Approach and NLP in the main and touch on TA and Mindfulness.  Therefore you will be able to adapt your approach to each client.

9.  Our Unique Selling Point is Building Upon and Maintaining the Client Therapeutic Relationship

We focus and help you to foster and maintain a good client therapeutic relationship.  In fact nearly all research based studies show that it is in fact the strength of the client therapeutic relationship that is the most important factor in the successful outcome of any therapeutic intervention.

10.  Learn How to Run a Successful Practice

We teach you how to run a successful practice, as well as how to be an ethical professional hypnotherapist

11.  Learn How to Market Your Practice

We teach you how to market your business.  So many training courses forget to cover this and its so important if you have never run a business before.

12.  Outstanding Teaching Practice

You will be trained by fully qualified Senior Hypnotherapists who are in real practice, working with real clients everyday.  All our trainers have either a teaching qualification or have extensive training experience.

13.  Professional Training Environment

You will be trained in a comfortable professional training environment with access to a real hypnotherapy therapy room where you can practice your skills

14.  Three Qualifications for the Price of One

You will gain 3 highly respected qualifications – HPD, Dip (CAH) and PNLP in 10 months.

What Our Past Students Say

DA of Irvine on 31st January 2024

“I completed the Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma, the Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma, and a practitioner certificate in neuro-linguistic programming with The UK Academy Scotland in 2023 and I would like to express my gratitude for this opportunity. The course was delivered by Heather, a brilliant trainer/tutor who made the learning process stimulating, enjoyable and informative. She taught us the theory and practice of hypnotherapy in a comprehensive and balanced way, covering various topics and ethical issues. She also shared her own knowledge and expertise from her long career as a hypnotherapist, which was extremely valuable and inspiring. Heather gave us helpful information on how to start and grow our own hypnotherapy business after we completed our course, which was both beneficial and reassuring. Heather was always supportive and encouraging throughout the course, providing us with constructive feedback on our written work and our practical skills. Even after the course was over, Heather continued to provide me with valuable guidance and support. I am very grateful for her kindness and generosity. I enjoyed every moment of learning with my classmates, we shared many laughs and supported each other throughout the course.
If you are looking for a career in Hypnotherapy, look no further than training with Heather at The UK Academy Scotland. This course has been life-changing for me, both personally and professionally, as it has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to help others achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. I am eager to apply what I have learned in this course to build a successful career as a hypnotherapist. Thank you, Heather and the class of 2023″.

SB of Cumnock on 21st January 2024

“After going through a bereavement where I used some online hypnosis resources, I decided that I
would like to help others to find ways of healing or changing their lives in a positive way with the use
of hypnosis.
Like many, I looked at various options and found a number of ways to train in hypnotherapy some
were purely online which was not going to provide the necessary face to face practical levels
important in developing the skills to be a hypnotherapist.
I spoke with a number of training establishments and eventually I decided I needed to gain further
information from someone in practice and so contacted a hypnotherapist in a nearby town and
spoke with her with regards to recommendations and she advised me to ensure that any
qualification was a well-respected professional diploma that was recognised in the UK. So I
researched a few options within Scotland.
When I looked at the UK Academy (Scotland), I was immediately drawn to the fact that I would be
interviewed after having submitted a personal statement and CV, before acceptance on the course.
I liked that. Many courses just want you to pay, and anyone can be accepted.
Heather of UK Academy (Scotland) wants to ensure that the course is a good fit for you and also that
you are a good fit for the course.
The interview was successful, and I started my training in March 23. I had never had any strong
formal education so yes, I found the course very challenging and stretching and after the first two
months did think I had set myself an impossible dream of qualifying but through encouragement
from Heather and her assistants as well as my peer group, I persevered one week at a time and one
question at a time.
I qualified as did my whole cohort and the feedback from the examiners for us all was amazing. We
knocked it out of the park.
This was all down to the incredible and subtle life enhancing methods used by Heather and her team
to support, train and encourage you and to bring out the best version of you in order for you to take
the next steps to becoming a successful hypnotherapist and already a better person for having gone
through the 10 months of training.
If you think that becoming an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner is for you then
you can’t go wrong with the team at UK Academy (Scotland). You will be a better person for
undergoing the training and have the tools to become a great therapist”.

DK of Falkirk on 17th January 2024

“Training with UK Academy Scotland has been a transformative experience as well as a steep learning curve and a really enjoyable experience (with a qualification at the end)!   It has been an excellent standard of training with a relaxed learning environment and hands on from the outset.  Good mixture of theory and practice and Heather has been a fantastic teacher and support.  I would not hesitate to recommend UK Academy Scotland as a training school and I actually miss going to the classes once a month.  Go for it and you’ll never look back”. 

TT of Aberdeenshire on 16th January 2024

“I can’t quite believe my learning journey with Heather is over (well almost, I’ve enrolled on a further CPD course at UK Academy Scotland).  Starting my own practice is a bit daunting but my training has given me a firm grounding in the practical skills and knowledge that I need to set up as a clinical hypnotherapist.  In the ten months of the course, I’ve grown so much as a therapist as well as building my confidence to achieve that dream to start to practice myself  In addition to this, I found each weekend spent at UK Academy Scotland therapeutic in itself – an improvement in my own mental heath, a great sense of achievement and the joy of being part of a group of inspirational, supportive people”.

MR of Falkirk on 15th January 2024

“The HPD course facilitated by Heather @ HMH Therapy via the UK Academy Scotland is highly recommended to anyone who wants to access high quality, professional and comprehensive training and practice in Clinical Hypnosis.

Heather’s training was by far the most enjoyable and practically useful professional training I have undertaken in my entire career of working with others to effect desired change(s).

I have undertaken many courses of study at various levels (Undergraduate/Masters/Post Grad etc) and the HPD, as delivered by Heather, was simply the best.

The course equips you to work with clients successfully and confidently, on a professional basis. Ongoing support is available from UK Academy Scotland following the completion of the course in group and individual supervision formats if required.

The energy Heather and her associates brought to each training weekend created a safe and positive learning environment, leading to a 100% pass rate for the course I attended.

Passing the course is not guaranteed. There is a significant amount of course work required aside from attending the training weekends. However, this level of commitment and professionalism is required to develop ethical and competent practice as a hypnotherapist.

I did research other schools and programmes before deciding upon UK Academy Scotland for professional training in Clinical Hypnosis. I am more than happy with my decision to train with Heather at UK Academy Scotland for the HPD and highly recommend the training course to anyone who is serious about training to become a professional hypnotherapist”.

WG of Falkirk on 24th August 2023

“I have recently completed my hypnotherapy training with HMH Therapy. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I felt as though the course provided excellent insight and information into Clinical Hypnotherapy. A number of strategies were explained and demonstrated to the students throughout the course, giving us a really good understadning of how to use certain methods for certain clients in practice. Heather is extremely knowledgable in her field and I felt that her teaching methods were amazing. She was very approachable and easy to talk to if you ever needed any extra support. Heather is a very good Clinical hypnotherapist and is passionate about her job, which really shows. Heather not only taught us the ins and outs of hypnotherapy, but also, gave a great insight into the marketing side of running a business which has been very beneficial. 
I can’t reccommed Heather and her training school highly enough. The learning environment was peacful and spacious and everyone felt really welcome. I feel confident and more than ready to begin my career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Thank you so much for everything – although it was hard work, it was really worth it!”
RMcG of Glasgow on 17th August 2023
“Truly Amazing Learning Experience with UK Academy Scotland
To Heather and UK Academy Scotland 
I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible journey I’ve had with UK Academy Scotland’s Hypnotherapy course.
From day one I could tell why the training program stands head and shoulders above the rest. The course structure, content, and delivery were really well designed to provide a great learning  experience. The depth of knowledge and expertise shared by our trainer Heather was fantastic . Their passion for hypnotherapy was so evident, making each session engaging and insightful.
What I particularly appreciated was the time spend on practical training exercises and I found this to be invaluable, allowing me to put theory into practice and build confidence in my abilities and honestly couldn’t believe the difference in myself by the end of the course.
Choosing UK Academy Scotland has been a decision I’ll forever be grateful for. The skills I’ve gained and the mentorship I’ve received have given me the knowledge and confidence to go out  into the world of hypnotherapy.
Thank you, Heather, for an exceptional learning experience and helping me achieve my goals”
CD of Alloa on 5th August 2023
“I recently completed this course with the UK Academy Scotland. When searching for courses I contacted a few organisations but I was most impressed with the course content and accreditation the UK Academy has as I wanted to have a recognised qualification. 
The training group is kept to small numbers which is great as all the students receive the support they need throughout the course. The other students on the course were all very friendly and supportive and we all got on very well.  The tutor Heather is a great tutor with lots of experience both as a Hypnotherapist and as a trainer, she was very informative and supportive throughout the training. There is a lot of course content to cover and the assignment is hard work but it’s broken down into chunks to allow you to manage the deadlines and receive feedback throughout the course. The course also gives guidance on setting up and marketing a business which is very helpful. I would highly recommend UK Academy Scotland.”
HMS of Leven on 2nd August 2023
“I have just graduated as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the UK Academy Scotland School in July 2023.  After a long time debating if this would be a safe and positive investment, ‘financially and learning to gain certification for a change in career’ as a curious personal psychology learner.  I can absolutely assure this was the best decision I have made to further develop my goal of having my own business doing something I whole heartedly believe in and that gives me the purpose I sought.  I personally experienced Hypnotherapy and positive transformations, so I believed in the practice but there were so many schools to choose from, I spent a lot of time researching before I applied. NCH Diploma is in my opinion the ’gold standard’ of certifications and this was my decider to apply.  Heather will ensure you are the right candidate for the values of the practice, a strictly professional application and course, with lots of humour and biscuits of course, thus instilled my confidence even more that I was approved to be part of the course.  I highly recommend the school, I have met peers and friends for life, the only bad thing about the school is that the course came to an end.  It’s a daunting journey and so much of unfamiliarity will leave you in the first weeks of ‘have I done the right thing?’ its way over my head – TRUST what Heather tells you – its like a jigsaw and it all comes together in the end, and you will leave feeling like a fully competent hypnotherapist ready to start or enhance your business journey.  The location is perfect, parking and session is broken up to ensure equal parts of theory and practice of skills.  Thank you to Heather and the team for a remarkable year and I look forward to meeting you all in the peer group meetings”.
RG of Irvine on 31st July 2023
I have recently completed the 10 month training course in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis and the Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma and can say it was an incredible experience. I am a health care professional in NHS, and have experience and training in a variety of therapeutic interventions. I have also supported delivering in-house training, and I did a lot of research before deciding that the UK Academy Scotland seemed very comprehensive and had clear evidence and outcomes aligning to what you would hope to achieve- the foundations needed to become a skilled therapist. Our tutor Heather made learning easy and really engaging. The course flowed beautifully and when reflecting back you realise how much you grow and develop in your knowledge, confidence and practice. The small class size was perfect,  allowing us to gel as a group and it was really encouraging watching how others also flourished in their practice. We received meaningful ongoing support throughout and all feedback was very supportive and constructive. This course exceeded my hopes and expectations and I would suggest to anyone interested in training as a Hypnotherapist that there is unlikely to be another school in Scotland that has such a kind, collaborative ethos with, at times a demanding, but incredibly rewarding programme. I am now look forward to further specialist training opportunities with Heather and the UK Academy. Thanks you so much Heather!!”
JL of Falkirk on 12th July 2022

“Undertaking the clinical hypnotherapy training course with the UK Academy Scotland was rewarding, challenging and enjoyable. The course was detailed, thorough with a good balance of theoretical and practical learning. Heather gave explanations and examples that made the learning both enjoyable and clear. The assignment, although challenging, was chunked appropriately to enable us to manage completion within the timescales given, with many opportunities for asking questions and helpful feedback given.  Weekend sessions allowed us to bond as a group in a relaxed, supportive and informal setting. I especially appreciated that the course not only focussed on hypnotherapy, both theory and practical sessions, but also on the business aspect of setting up your own practice and marketing. I found the course informative, engaging and fun. I leave the course feeling ready to help clients, having a better perspective of myself and excited about my next steps as a practising hypnotherapist”.

RD of Inverness on 4th July 2022

“I have just completed my course with the UK Academy Scotland. I highly recommend this course; it is ideal for anyone who wants to be a hypnotherapist. This is a great course covering a wide range of topics, it also goes into a lot of detail. I’m so glad I picked this training school as everyone including the other fellow participants where so friendly and we all got on so well. I will miss this amazing working team environment they all made me feel so welcome and included. Thank you, Heather, for being so supportive on the journey”.

KP of Falkirk on 30th June 2022

I highly recommend this course with the UK Academy Scotland for anyone who really wants to become an accredited clinical  hypnotherapist. It’s well-structured with a generous amount of material, delivered in a very professional and effective manner with lots of opportunity to practice the theory in a real clinical setting.  A huge thank you to Heather my tutor for all the help and guidance given throughout the course.  I loved every minute!”

SJ of Glasgow on 25th January 2020

“This is a great course covering a wide range of topics, it also goes into a lot of detail. The set up is good as you learn theory in a classroom, and practice in a separate therapy room. There is a lot to learn and a lot to take in, but I felt supported throughout by both my course mates and my teacher Heather. Heather is good at breaking the course and deadlines into smaller chunks so that they feel more achievable and you don’t feel too overwhelmed by the workload.

The teaching environment is a relaxed and safe place where you are encouraged to ask questions and give input and ideas.
Heather will always come up with a comment or piece of information here or there which is not on the slides but which will really help you on your way to becoming an amazing therapist. These wee extras become invaluable.
She is always available to support and advise you if you feel you are struggling or falling behind.
Heather also has a very high standard, so when you finally get your qualification you know you are ready to begin your new career working with real clients and empowering people to change their lives”.

PM of Torphican on 24th December 2019

 “I have just completed my course with the UK Academy Scotland in Haypark business Centre Polmont, Falkirk. I cannot recommend this course highly enough for those people who want to be a hypnotherapist. The tutor Heather Hutchison is totally committed to her students and makes the learning experience enjoyable but at the same time she will help her students learn thoroughly and ensure she produces safe therapists. The course content is so interesting and the practice with fellow students helps you learn and grow together, ready for the next step of being a competent therapist. Thank you for an amazing journey Heather”.

JH of Aberdeen on 9th December 2019

Doing the Hypnotherapy course with the UK Academy  Scotland was amazing experience. Heather the teacher was amazing giving all of us amazing support and advice throughout the course. Whilst providing us with all the tools and skills to become successful hypnotherapists.  Having completed the course I feel not only ready to be able to help my clients but have a completely different, better view on life and that is down to the UK Academy and Heathers amazing work”!

TD of Irvine on 17th December 2018
I loved my experience with the UK Academy Scotland.  Heather not only taught me all about hypnotherapy, the course also included NLP, marketing, ethical practice, psychology and how to ensure the best outcomes for future clients.  All this and the course was well paced, supported by quality notes and handouts and included lots of practical exercises.  Heather herself was friendly, enthusiastic, committed and approachable.  I would recommend this course  to anyone thinking about becoming a hypnotherapist“.
ED of Elderslie on 17th December 2018

“I have just completed the UK Academy course in Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapy and found it to be an amazing course. It was challenging and thought provoking and allowed me to broaden my personal and professional horizons significantly. The small tutorial group setting, facilitated by Heather, provided the perfect support group for discussion and debate and ensured that we were constantly pushing ourselves, and each other. I would recommend this course to all interested parties. It’s not a easy ride, but it is worth it”.

AR of Glasgow on 16th December 2018

Training to be a clinical hypnotherapist was challenging. It is a lot of work and a huge time commitment and I genuinely could not have got through it without the support of my Principal Teacher, Heather Hutchison. She is so experienced and patient which means she can advise you on how to improve your skills. Heather also instills the importance of always taking an ethical approach to your therapeutic practice which I believe is the best foundation to being a good hypnotherapist. I appreciate all the support I have received this year and am so delighted to be embarking upon my new career thanks to the UK Academy Scotland“.

JG of Bathgate on 7th December 2018

I’ve just graduated with an HPD from the UK Academy, Scotland. It’s been hard work over the last ten months but its been an amazing learning journey. Heather, our tutor is a wealth of knowledge,a lovely person and most importantly a fantastic teacher. The UK Academy HPD is the only externally verified qualification in the UK so it is very credible.. I am looking forward to moving into practice safe in the knowledge that I will be supported by my supervisor. I am also bound to undertake 15 hours of professional learning every year. This means I won’t be resting on my laurels but will be constantly improving my skills. I can’t recommend UK Academy Scotland highly enough“.

SB of Stonehouse on 13th August 2018

“Fantastic Course.  Learned so much about myself and hypnotherapy.  Heather knows her stuff.  I now feel confident and skilled enough to embark on a new career in hypnotherapy and NLP.  A life changing experience.  Thank you Heather”.

DF of Ayr said on 13th July 2018

I have recently completed the ten month Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma with the UK Academy training school and can testify that if you are considering completing your HPD that you need look no further.  The course has a good mix of practical and theory, with the students learning how to practice hypnosis from day one.  The training content is well put together, and is carried out in a professional manner.  Marketing strategies for new hypnotherapists were taught as part of the course, and NLP is covered in the last two months of the course.  I would say that the UK Academies training course leaves their students well equipped to go on and have a successful career as a clinical hypnotherapist”.

SK of Aberdeen said on 2nd July 2018

“I am very happy with the course and am delighted that I have now achieved the qualification 

which will enable me to use hypnotherapy.  

The course is well structured and delivered to a very high standard.

I found all the subjects and content very interesting, engaging and all very

applicable to helping people as a qualified hypnotherapist.

I am looking forward to my career in hypnotherapy and believe I am equipped

with all the necessary skills and knowledge in order to be as successful as possible.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in practicing hypnotherapy

– it’s a whole new, fascinating world. ” 

ST of Falkrik 0n 13th June 2018

“I have enjoyed the course very much and will miss our monthly learning sessions. I found the training, the pace, the approach and your relaxed style of training conducive to our learning. You are very professional, extremely knowledgeable and so practical in your approach. Every weekend was delivered in an organised and informative manner with practical exercises and with the demonstration of your experience and skills apparent. You certainly have set the benchmark for us all. I only hope that I become as good a hypnotherapist as you one day.

Thank you for all your input, delivery, support, student counselling and coaching. You are a natural trainer and supervision counsellor. I wish you continued success in your training academy as the standard you deliver is extremely high”.

SG of Falkirk on 8th May 2017

If you are looking to do a Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis then I would recommend the course run by the UK Academy Scotland. The course combines theory and plenty of opportunity to practice. Heather who runs a successful hypnotherapy practice uses her knowledge and experience to bring the course to life. She gives lots of great nuggets of information to give her students the knowledge, skills and confidence to practice hypnotherapy safely, ethically and successfully”.